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About Arnella

I am, Arnella Park, a retired high school bake shop teacher.  That’s right, a bake shop teacher, for over 30 years!  Imagine having a job that feeds your passion and allows you to inspire that passion in others.  I love baking delicious desserts and I love teaching others the joy of baking.

About Katie

I am Katie Williams, Arnella’s granddaughter.  I am a student at Hamilton Southeastern High School in Fishers, Indiana.  I started baking at the young age of 3, standing on a stool in my Grandma’s kitchen.  Like painting or playing music, I have found baking to be an outlet for creative expression.  For me, one of the best things about baking for others is that it makes people happy!

My Story

In 2019 I started It’s Perfect,
a home based baking business that has allowed me to continue doing two of my favorite things, baking and teaching.



It’s Perfect has two locations: Brighton, Michigan and Fishers, Indiana.  Both operate under Michigan’s Cottage Food Law and is required to include the following statement on all our packaging of baked items: Made in a Home Kitchen not inspected by the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development.

How I work

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